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Existing Assets : To Extend Their Life

The economy. It wreaks havoc on budgets when it’s down and most organizations plan for a down economy. Where does that show most clearly? In your budget, of course. In a maintenance budget the bottom line becomes extending the life of your assets for as long as possible to prevent or delay a capital expenditure […]


If It’s Not Broke, Don’t Fix It!

How much time and money is wasted responding to work order requests for problems that don’t exist or are easy to resolve? There are ways around these nuisance work orders. Establish a checklist for types of equipment and make it part of the procedure for your requestors to step through the checklist before submitting the […]


Collecting Information on Assets

Assets is the next step most facilities maintenance managers take with their new CMMS. You have your work orders in place and everyone is comfortable with the new system, so what better time to start the next step in the facility master plan process. Generally, you enter your assets into the system so you can […]


Asset Data Collection

One of the big issues our customers face is asset data collection. How does an already overworked staff take the time to collect asset data? We all know that a good PM program saves time and money and a good PM program starts with a good assets database. With that in mind, the question becomes […]