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The Marvelous CMMS Secret

Capital planning and budgeting are on everyone’s minds these days and we have a secret to share with you. It will save you money and time – two precious resources in any facilities department. Or so we’ve been told by our customers. So, what’s the big secret? When you budget and buy your CMMS, no […]


3 Integration Success Tips

Everyone here at TeamWORKS keeps up-to-date with current issues in purchasing and implementing a CMMS. We read an interesting blog the other day on tips to transition to a new CMMS and it got us thinking about integration. We do it – with a variety of vendors including PDI, Fuel Man and Parson’s, but what […]


Fact: Integration Saves Money

We recently wrote a recommendation for a software system for one of our longstanding clients. Although there was no mention of integration with our system we found ourselves looking at the system’s ability to integrate. This is a major purchase for the client, and they know we’ve done and seen a lot of software. Eventually, […]


Bridge Integration Systems : On-Site and Cloud Systems

TeamWORKS is a big proponent of integrating systems. Entering data twice is not only a waste of time but also creates inaccuracies in data, and really, why put a double-entry system in place when it’s so easy to share information between systems? So can system integration be done in today’s world of on-site and cloud […]