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Asset Data Collection

One of the big issues our customers face is asset data collection. How does an already overworked staff take the time to collect asset data? We all know that a good PM program saves time and money and a good PM program starts with a good assets database.

With that in mind, the question becomes how does an already overworked staff not take the time to collect data? There are several methods to collect your asset data. The most common way to collect data is to send a small army out to systematically collect data from each location using pen and paper. The data is then entered into the database. The biggest issue with this method is the immense amount of time spent doing the collecting and the data entry, as well as accuracy. Errors will be made during the collection process as well as during the data entry process. The benefit is that there are no additional costs.

The second most common method is to contract the data collection process out. The contractor will probably use some technology to speed the process along and to increase accuracy. The benefit is the savings in manpower. The obvious issue is the cost.

I would like to offer the following options as some good alternatives.

Use a work order form with space available for data collection. Require the tradesmen to put minimal information down for any work order related to an asset. From this point forward collect any and all data for new assets as they are purchased and placed in service. This includes getting asset information from your contractors for any new work.

Another alternative is to purchase a data collection package. Customers using TeamWORKS Mobile Assets have reported great success in collection asset information using this method. This process is not as time consuming as the pen and paper method and increases accuracy.

Feel free to contact TeamWORKS with any questions you may have or to share your success stories. We like good stories!

Happy Collecting…

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