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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Seen and Heard at #NACS2015

What a great trip to Las Vegas for #NACS2015! Thankfully we didn’t stay at the hotel where the Presidential Debate occurred – that would have added a lot of chaos to what is already a pretty busy event in an even busier city. We did have a good time – nibbling and snacking on all […]


Update: New Enhancements!

We’re at it again – documenting our enhancements. As with most software companies, we add things to our software based on customer requests, and this update is no exception. So if you’ve asked for it, check the list. If you have an enhancement request, contact our support team and present your ideas. Our most current version […]


Update: What Did We Add?

Our most recent update brings all of our customers to version 5.5.200. But what does this really mean to you? What did we add? Here’s what we added from update 4.0 to 4.75. If you haven’t updated to 4.0 yet (you should), give us a minute and we’ll show you what you’re missing. As with […]