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Update: New Enhancements!

We’re at it again – documenting our enhancements. As with most software companies, we add things to our software based on customer requests, and this update is no exception. So if you’ve asked for it, check the list. If you have an enhancement request, contact our support team and present your ideas.

Our most current version of TeamWORKS is 5.5.200. So what was enhanced between 5.0 and 5.5.200?

Here’s the full list:

Updates to Key Manager:

  • Added Lock Types form
  • Added Key Request form to manage requests for keys via web
  • Added Key Request Reason form
  • Added new fields to Keys form

Updates to Work Orders:

  • Added ability to create ‘sub’ work orders
  • Added ability to view master and child work orders

New Functionality:

  • Added new checklist to help eliminate nuisance work requests
  • Added new PDI Export feature
  • Added notification for submitted event schedule requests, similar to work order requests

New Reports:
Work Orders –

  • Overdue work orders
  • Work order cost estimate
  • Work order labor cost by location
  • Work order materials cost by location
  • Work order statistics report

Facility Scheduling –

  • Facility invoice
  • Detailed facility invoice

If you’d like to update your software to take advantage of these enhancements, contact support today and schedule a time to update!

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