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Replace the Technology, Not the Process

Implementing a new software system should not, usually, require you to create a whole new business process. For example, when implementing work orders within TeamWORKS, the first thing we do is review the existing workflow. You’ve probably been doing work orders for quite some time and over the years your processes have been reviewed and refined to eliminate wasted time and wasted effort. An implementation should build on those past successes.

A computerized maintenance management system should not require a complete rework of the way you do business, however, you will want to take advantage of this implementation to review your processes. Break them into small chunks. Ask yourself….

  1. How do we get the work requests? (e.g. phone call, fax, email, etc)
  2. How does it get approved/rejected?
  3. How is the work assigned?
  4. How do we know it is complete?
  5. Who do we notify when it is complete?

Your particular circumstances may require a different set of questions but those listed above should be a good start and should lead to more questions. At any point in the review, when you ask yourself “why do we do this” and the answer is “because this is how it’s always been done”, then you need to review that step closely. Make sure it is required and efficient.

Once you understand your existing process and what is good and what needs to be changed then you can start to implement the software.

Imagine the work order as a piece of paper. The paper starts somewhere and is moved around from department to department and person to person until it is complete. The software will simply replace that paper. If you can do that then the technology is the right fit for your enterprise and you are ready to implement.

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