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Change is Inevitable

Every few years there is a management change of personnel or policies (and sometimes both). This is true in almost all maintenance departments. Sometimes this is a smooth transition with few changes and sometimes this transition includes a transformation at all levels.

Regardless of the depth or breadth, these changes need to be managed and measured.

This is a good time to review your computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) configurations to ensure you have the codes and processes in place to capture the effects of the new policies.

TeamWORKS customers enjoy the benefit of our maintenance change benefit program. TeamWORKS customer or not, you may want to use this list as an agenda of items to discuss with your CMMS provider to ensure your system is ready for the new direction you are planning to take your organization in.

The package includes:

    1. Conference call with a senior member of our team to get a general idea of your new direction and needs.
    2. Conference call with a senior member of our team to identify any existing or potential issues with the system’s “fit” into the new maintenance environment.
    3. System demo and/or 2 hour training.
    4. Discounted training options.

Change and Adapt

In our experience the new manager will continue to use the system as it has been used, even if they don’t like it. The reason is simply because both the manager and the users don’t know how else to use it. The CMMS may be capable of the change but the entire process likely needs to change along with it. That’s where the one on one conference calls are so valuable. CMMS companies help manage this type of change every time they sell a new customer. Take advantage of this change management skill.

The key to a successful change or transition is twofold:

  1. Plan the transition and how to measure success prior to implementation
  2. Ensure the changes are being performed completely for at least six weeks. This must be policed and enforced to accurately measure success. After six weeks the changes will become business as usual and adherence will be easier to maintain.

If you’re a TeamWORKS customer, give us a call and let us help with your change. If you’re not, this change management is included with all new sales.

May your transitions be smooth…

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