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What Do You Get With Your CMMS, Exactly?

At some point, everyone whose responsibility is to provide the best product at the most reasonable price reviews their purchases or processes related to maintenance. Just to make sure they are getting the best value and are seeing the benefits of their purchase. So what do you get with your CMMS?

The standard TeamWORKS solution includes the following:

  • Work Orders
  • Assets
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Utilities
  • Inventory
  • Intelligence Manager (Visual Reporting)
  • Employees & Vendors
  • Attendance
  • Keys
  • Fuel Tracker
  • Administrative
  • Remote Request (Field Techs)

We’ve always thought that’s the absolute minimum most organizations require to track accurate data for their KPI’s. Some organizations implement what they can, when they can, some implement everything all at once and some implement one module at a time so the transition to TeamWORKS is just as easy as can be. Implementing one at a time also allows time to test the integration of the data generated by (or for) TeamWORKS to see what it is telling you and where you need to make improvements. Before you get to the data, though, you have to get through the change to TeamWORKS, or whichever CMMS you choose.

Whether you are transitioning from another CMMS, Excel spreadsheets or good old fashioned paper and pencil (or in some cases, sticky notes), implementation and training are always the barriers to changing or introducing new programs, and we’ve found that it’s frequently the added attention to training in a setting conducive to learning that create the most value. Whether the training is in-house and hands-on or in some exotic location that just can’t be beat (like Miami or the Caribbean or a ski resort somewhere), how much or how little you learn in training is directly related to how much you find your CMMS contributes to your data feed and how frequently you need to call tech support.

TeamWORKS offers 24/7/365 tech support, and we sincerely hope you don’t need it often, so we get as much training into our trainings as is reasonable. Which is not to say you shouldn’t call tech support when you need it. Our tech support is friendly, and as one client frequently tells us, is like an extension to his IT department just down the hall.

Our methodology is to include two days of on-site training in your contract, and you can do the training when you would like it. Bring as many or as few people as you’d like. If you’d like us to provide documentation so you can create a train-the-trainer program, we can do that, or you can bring everyone who is likely to use the CMMS and add them into training when appropriate for their security level. For example, the administrators can learn the security levels and administrative functions, and field techs can come in for the hour or two it takes to learn work orders and remote request.

If you have questions about what your maintenance management software can do for you, we’d be happy to talk about process, KPI’s or whatever you’d like. Just give us a call or send us an email.

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